Testimonials And Reviews

The club has received numerous messages of thanks and congratulations, Musical Medley produces shows for the children to gain confidence in the ability to perform in front of a big audience on a stage. They are truly fantastic! Please take a look at what they are saying.

Messages, Testimonials, and Reviews

Erin H

My son has been going to music medley since Xmas and absolutely loves it! Rachel and Mark give it there all and provide such positivity and support to the children!!
The rates are so reasonable and and I find the whole process very easy and a pleasure to support! If only all people were as nice and pleasant as these guys
Keep up the good work !!!

Naomi W

This will be our sons 3rd show. When he first joined he didn’t know anyone but was made to feel so welcome and has made lots of friends. I cannot recommend this group enough, very reasonably priced compared to other groups/clubs. You pay termly, the children get to sing, act and dance. At the end of the summer term they perform at The Apex which is an amazing experience for them. Thank you Rachel, Mark and everyone else involved for all your hard work in running this group.

Laura R

Musical medley is a huge part of our lives and is very highly valued by myself and my family. This will be my daughter jessicas 5th show with the club. She joined at 5 years old when the club was half the size it is now and was based only in Barrow. She knew nobody and had very little confidence…but Rachel and mark were so kind, so welcoming and allowed her to join in to the level that suited her. Slowly through the years her confidence has grown to the point this Saturday she is doing her 1st solo! The point is…The reason this club has grown to the size it is now is because of Rachel and mark, because of its loyal members, because of the very affordable and because of the enjoyment and achievement it gives to our children old and new. Here’s to musical medley!!

Annabelle P

My daughter absolutely adores Musical Medley. It is thanks to Rachel and her team that Charlotte has been ‘discovered’ at school for her wonderful singing voice – which I didn’t even know she possessed – and the fact that she is now chosen to sing on special occasions such as Christmas, important assemblies, for the headteacher and much more.
Charlotte has an intense love of horses – something she and I share – so I know that when she takes time away from her horse-riding to attend Musical Medley that it’s really important to her and that she really does love it.
I am very grateful to Rachel that she has allowed us to discover a side of Charlotte that up until she joined Musical Medley we didn’t know existed, and for ensuring that Charlotte has such a wonderful time while making a lovely set of new friends.


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